Friday, December 08, 2006

After digging through the archives here at work, years later, and laughing to no end, I've decided to bring back all of the old emo, self-deprecating posts, comments, rants and movies. The aesthetic is no more; the servers are down and I managed to botch the Template - but everything is here for posterity. My new website (which is still under construction) is located here and Noggin can be found over yonder at NogsOnline (hasn't done anything with it in about a year!). And, of course, we're on Myspace. Find us.

Otherwise, you can still find us throwing back Natty Ice on occassion or belittling each other to no end. Some things never change.

Also, reading through some of these updates, I noticed Elizabeth mentioned here and there. She's gone now, but she won't be forgotten. Peace, baby, we'll see ya soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

essentially, what you're looking at is the culmination of last nights binge, the urge to film said binge and the patience to piece together the remnants of last night's debauchery for the benefit of mankind. so. enjoy!

Movie :: Steel Wars II
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Saturday, April 30, 2005

saw 'the shins' w/ noggin at the norva on thursday. 'the brunettes' opened for them. they were from new zealand and were pretty decent. anyways, in light of that concert and my recent musical enlightening (thx to lee and nogz, mostly) i figured i'd make a post plugging my friend rob's local band, rstvideo. so go here and here. huge final on monday. happy birthday, kim.

ps: the decemberists are the shit.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

$62 poorer, hungover and thoroughly poisoned i awoke. (truth be told, i was "awake" for some time, although it was more of a comatose-state: sprawled face-down on a couch of hunter green and gold filigree, aware that i was somewhere and that i probably wouldn't make it to class on time)

my gatorade lingered over yonder, just out of reach taunting me with its vibrant redness (my favorite color) and the irresistable allure of aqueus deliverance.

the previous evening belonged to Elizabeth, who turned 24. and the stage was set. we entered from the left, lit dimly amidst the hub bub of dolled-up boys and girls drowning their sorrows.

deirdre was there. and jason. jeremy, myself, elizabeth and two other girlfriends. we laughed, we cried. we told each other to die in real life. and god smiled.

my gatorade lingered over yonder, just out of reach...

Friday, March 25, 2005

so i purchased an Ipod Shuffle. i've never owned an ipod or any portable mp3 player for that matter, but this semesters' painting re-take changed everything.

up until now, i had been the lone artist forced to endure 3 hours of oil-on-canvas hell without a tune to pass the time. yeah, it was torture, but i managed to improvise. between brush strokes and ostentatious sighs i'd take a brief second to scan the room, refreshing myself on the beauty around me. not the other works-in-progress, but the faces and 'killer bods' of ARTS241.

lindsay isn't in my painting class, but pops in from time to time. she's my partner-in-crime for my T/R Fiber class.

i want her vagina.
i want my $100

at any rate, i wanted to end this update with a sound check. noggin sent me this Spitalfield track and it sat unlistened-to for a good week before he reminded me. it's a catchy tune that is upbeat and optimistic, which is fairly uncommon for a pop-punk / rock song.

spitalfield - 'i love the way she said l.a.

it's about a guy who's girlfriend is moving away to california and he's basically like: 'it's ok, you're far away but it will still work out'. i love the song, but sometimes i want to scream at this moron: NO IT FUCKING WONT!

PS. Consider last night a lesson learned: Steel Reserve > Healthy Choice tv dinner.

Monday, February 28, 2005

so i was trolling the Fires of Heaven message boards when...

TingTeng posts: "I would like to thank fred durst for making me feel better about my peenix", followed by a flood of 'small penis' this and 'big cock' that replies. nevertheless, here it is. someone mentioned another T-Mobile hijacking? who knows, but go here if you haven't already seen the Paris Hilton pictures from her hax0red Sidekick. T-Mobile for teh lose!!

on to some other news...

so get this. jeremy bets me $100 that Corona has more alcohol% by volume than Natty Ice. so, you know... i had to laugh in his face. wait, did i say laugh? no, it was the cackle of a madman. a half-drunk mad man. he even shook on it, the fool. needless to say, he lost the bet.

corona 4.6%
natty ice 5.9%

(this is the same guy that swore up and down that Jaromir Jagr was a "tough guy" on the Penguins, years ago) i mean WTF was he thinking? jeremy, i want my $100. die irl.

that's pretty much it for now. maybe i'll do an 'i hate jodie' post soon if she keeps pissing me off. yeah, that sounds good. until then, i'll have death cab for cutie on repeat. peace.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

so i was up on the ladder of shame again. not to be confused with Lagwagon's "Island of Shame", but i was shamed nonetheless. And one more time for good luck: shame.

but i don't have good luck and it's all just karma. i can still see that 30-something black guy changing the 'Knickerbockers' marquee. i can still see that youthful white kid in his McDonalds get-up struggling atop his perch. the memories are still vivid, along with the cacaphony of my endless snickers.

damn my pride. damn you, karma!